THALMIGEN Publications

1) Biagioni, C., Dini, A., Orlandi, P., Moëlo, Y., Pasero, M. & Zaccarini, F. (2016) Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). XX. Members of the jordanite-geocronite series from the Pollone mine, Valdicastello Carducci: occurrence and crystal structures. Minerals, 6, 1-15 (doi:10.3390/min6010015). (Link)

2) Biagioni, C., & Moëlo, Y. (2017). Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). XVIII.
New data on the crystal-chemistry of boscardinite. Mineralogical Magazine, 81, 47-60.

3) D’Orazio, M., Biagioni, C., Dini, A. & Vezzoni, S. (2017) Thallium-rich pyrite ores from the Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy: constraints for their origin and environmental concerns. Mineralium Deposita, doi:10.1007/s00126-016-0697-1

4) Biagioni, C. & Moëlo, Y. (2017) Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). XIX. Crystal-chemistry of chovanite from two new occurrences in Apuan Alps and its 8Å crystal structure. Mineralogical Magazine, 81, in press.

5) Bindi, L., Petřiček, V., Biagioni, C., Plášil, J., & Moëlo, Y. Could incommensurabilità in sulfosalts be more common than thought? The case of meneghinite, CuPb13Sb7S24. Acta Crystallographica, in press.

6) Biagioni, C., D’Orazio, M., Lepore, G.O., D’Acapito, F. & Vezzoni, S. Thallium-rich rust scales in drinkable water distribution systems: a case study from northern Tuscany, Italy. Science of the Total Environment, 587-588, 491-501.

Submitted papers:

1) Biagioni, C. & Moëlo, Y. Ferdowsiite from the Monte Arsiccio mine, Apuan Alps, Tuscany (Italy): occurrence and crystal structure. Atti della Società Toscana di Scienze Naturali, Memorie, submitted.

Two new mineral species have been discovered:

1) Marcobaldite (Biagioni, C., Pasero, M., Moëlo, Y., Zaccarini, F., Paar, W.H., Merlino, S. (2016). Marcobaldite, IMA No. 2015-109. CNMNC Newsletter No. 30, April 2016, page 410; Mineralogical Magazine, 80, 407-413).

2) Arsenmarcobaldiite (Biagioni, C., Merlino, S., Moëlo, Y., Pasero, M., Paar, W.H., Vezzoni, S., Zaccarini, F. (2016) Arsenmarcobaldiite, IMA 2016-045. CNMNC Newsletter No. 33, October 2016, page 1138; Mineralogical Magazine, 80, 1135-1144).